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Legolas Greenleaf: Prince of Mirkwood

Welcome to Legolas Greenleaf: Prince of Mirkwood!

-Sunday 12/30/01: This is gonna be where I update my site. Right now, I'm just getting started. Keep looking back so you know when I update my site
-Wednesday 1/2/02: I just added a picture. Well I couldn't do anymore because I have to get off. I will put some more up either later or tomorrow.
-Sunday 1/6/02: I'm adding a lil' more stuff. It might take a while to come back and update the site becuz I go back to school tomorrow. It'll be ok. I'll update as soon as I can.
-Sunday 1/20/02: Hey sorry I didn't update. I had school and I almost totally forgot to update. I'm updating hopefully alot. Adding some new things and such. Well keep looking.
-Monday 1/21/02: Happy MLK day. I'm adding more. I won't be able to update till probably late at night or next weekend. But still look and don't forget to email me with comments and such! Thanks.
Thursday 1/31/02: I just finished updating. Not alot right now. I will put up some info on the other characters of the characters and Pics of them as well (it was asked of me to do this) If you have anything to tell me, if my site is bad or good, be sure to email me. Thanks!!!~.*
Sunday 2/3/02: Its February. Wow. January has gone by fast. Added a new link. Adding Some new pages on characters. All the characters won't be up today. I'm doing the hobbits (yes all 4 on the same page.) Then I'll do Men, then Wizard and the dwarf. The Dwarf and Istari (wizard) will be on the same page. ^.^
Saturday 2/16/02: Got rid of the pages bout them Men and Dwarf and Wizard. Left The Hobbits, cuz I love them. Thats mainly it.
Thursday 2/28/02: Got a guestbook! yeah! Now you can sign it. Um, added something to the Hear the News, Believe the Gossip page. Read it. Sign my guestbook. Sorry it took so long to update. Almost forgot.

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Here is a picture of Legolas Greenleaf.

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