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Legolas Greenleaf: Prince of Mirkwood


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Hear the news, believe the gossip

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Peter Jackson, filmer of Lord of the Rings, is already filming The Two Towers (read Gossip next) Then when they are down with that one they will film The Return of the King. The books are great. I finished all 3 this weekend and they are great.
-Watch for Orlando Bloom in the new WAR movie "Black Hawk Down". Seems like a cool movie! I get to see it. My dad is taking me to see it. I read the book, which is cool.

Great Orli site.


1/31/02: Orlando Bloom split up with his girlfriend of 10months, 3 months into
the filming of LOTR because they couldn't handle a long distance
relationship..and also Bloom, Elijah, Dominic (Monaghue), Sean (Astin)
and Billy (Boyd), 4 hobbits + an elf, went into a wellington pub during
a filming break with Lawrence Makoare (who plays Lurtz, the leader of
the Uruk-hai) and they had a competition to see who could last the
longest (drinking) without making a fool out of themselves, apparently
Lawrence was the last man standing and he was responsible for taking
them all home, they woke up the next morning with the biggest hangover
and they had to delay shooting for about 1/2 a day, while the guys were
fed asprin and lots of water and coffee..
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